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Our Parish of St Savvas of Kalymnos, installed today its Golden Domes/Cupolas & Crosses recently arrived from Ukraine! A Historic day and another milestone for our Parish in Banksia-Sydney. Well done to Fr Savas Pizanias for organising all of this.

For Details & Photos see link below:



Our Own Metropolitan Epiphanios Elected First Hierarch of the New Orthodox Church of Ukraine!!!



Glory to God in the highest,  our own Metropolitan Epiphanios has been elected first Hierarch of the new Ukrainian Autocephalous church! Words cannot express how our churches and community feel.  Axios Axios Axios!!!!



ΠΟΛΛΑ ΤΑ ΕΤΗ!... Α Ξ Ι Ο Σ,   Α Ξ Ι Ο Σ,   Α Ξ Ι Ο Σ!....

Official Announcement of the Ecumenical Patriarchate:



On Saturday 3rd November 2018, our Church had its Annual Dance-this year being a Ukrainian & Greek Friendship night. With a full hall and a sold out event, the night was a huge success and all for a worthy cause! With a great program & great line up of performers, (Peter & Nila Deriashnyj & Andrew Baran singing and playing the traditional Banduras), the spectacular Zahrava Ukrainian Dance group entertaining us with traditional Ukrainian Dances & the uplifting Jaga Band entertaining us with their Ukrainian Music.


Also in the beginning of the evening Fr Savas Pizanias on behalf of his flock and community signed the large Crimea Tartar Flag, which represents the movement Liberty & Justice for Crimea!  This flag will travel around the world being signed in support for Crimea's Liberation and will return back in 9 months to Ukraine! It is to make people aware Crimea Is Ukraine!!! The night was a huge success! Glory to God!












Glory to God in the Highest! Glory to God! Glory to God! 

Official Confirmation, our Patriarch Philaret, our Churches, Clergy & flock will be officially accepted and canonical! Tomos of Autocephaly will be given by the Ecumenical Patriarch! A historical day, a miracle and blessing! Our Petitions were heard and accepted! Excommunications, anathemas & defrockments have all been uplifted (see point 3) , schism has been healed through Oikonomia. The new Autocephalous Ukrainian Church - through its All Ukrainian clergy- Laity Council will formally elect its first Hierarch, then Tomos will be handed to them! Our Churches and all its Clergy are now all formally canonical!


















































Yesterday Sunday 19th August 2018 our parish of Blacktown celebrated its Feast Day! Starting off with the Festive Divine Liturgy which was conducted in Ukrainian, Greek & English we were once again blessed to have with us our sister church and Parish of St Savvas of Kalymnos - Banksia led by Fr Savas Pizanias with some of his flock attending and taking part along with Fr Efstafy Doroch and Fr Vadym Koreniuk who co--served a beautiful Liturgy. With a joyous atmosphere and full church and great attendance, the celebrations continued in the church Hall with High tea, food & refreshments for all. Long serving President of the Parish Mr Andre Bezkorovainy (who only recently stepped down) after serving the Parish for many years as President & other positions was awarded and presented with a Patriarchal Certificate of Appreciation. The day concluded with the talented Victor Mishalow from Canada who sang and played traditional Ukrainian songs on the Bandura followed by the talented Peter & Nila Deriashnyj who also sang a few songs for us all! A wonderful, blessed, successful feast day.



Glory To God!
































7th August 2018


On the 27th & 28th of July our Patriarchate in Kyiv celebrated the 1030 year anniversary of the Baptism of Kyivan-Rus. With celebrative Vespers and Patriarchal Divine Liturgy and the Procession from St Vladimirs Cathedral to the Statue of St Vladimir at the foot of the Dnpier River. With up to 150,000 people taking place in the festive procession and thousands of clergy with our bishops, our Patriarch led the Procession joined by the President of Ukraine and his wife amongst other dignitaries. It is worthy of note that present in the morning prayers and gathering at the statue & hill of St Vladimir was the delegation (3 bishops) of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. A delegation from Australia, upon invitation by the Patriarchate led by Fr Savas Pizanias of our sister parish of St Savvas of Kalymnos - Banksia was blessed to take part in the festivities and was personally asked to liturgise on these occasions with our Patriarch Philaret and the Hierarchs of our Church.


Below is a slideshow of the trip and festivities courtesy of Fr Savas.





































After the Ukrainian Governments over majority ruling of 268 MP votes for, along with the Heirachs of the Kyivan Patriarchate and the UAOC representing over 30 Million faithful under it, a formal petition and request was forwarded to the Ecumenical Patriarchate for the granting of Autocephaly of the one Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the mother church of Constantinople. From this came today the official positive so far announcement from the Mother Church of Constantinople that after obtaining the requests from both the Government and the main ecclesiastical authorities representing millions of souls under it, the Holy Synod of the EP has stated their willingness to examine, inform other churches and start the procedures for granting Autocephaly and Tomos. Below is the official link and announcement:


























Holy Week & Easter at our Parishes!

Христос Воскрес! Χριστός Ανέστη! Christ Is Risen! With great Emotion & Joy our churches around Australia of the Kyiv Patriarchate celebrated Easter and all the Holy Services of Holy Week leading up to our Lords Glorious Resurrection. From Palm Sunday right through Holy Week and Easter our faithful flock attended our Parishes with a significant increase of people taking place this year in all the services! Glory to God! Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Has Risen! Below are some highlights of the week and Easter at some of our Parishes:












































Making of the Holy Chrism at our Patriarchate as we speak, starting off from the beginning of Holy Monday and ending Holy Thursday. A detailed process and service which takes place every ten years. This Holy Chrism (oil) which is the Seal of the Holy Spirit is what is dispersed worldwide to all our Churches and used for Holy Chrismation in Baptism and the Consecration of the walls and Altars of churches-when a church is consecrated! Glory to God!
















































Патріарха Київського і всієї Руси-України


Преосвященним архіпастирям,

боголюбивим пастирям, чесному чернецтву

та всім вірним Української Православної Церкви

Київського Патріархату

Дорогі браття і сестри!



Серед усіх християнських свят особливою урочистістю відзначається святкування Пасхи Христової. Святкувати Пасху – це означає святкувати воскресіння Христове. Воскресіння Христове – це перемога Господа нашого Ісуса Христа над смертю у людській природі. Бог створив людину безсмертною, але через гріх Адама смерть увійшла в людську природу, і тому ми всі помираємо. Ісус Христос силою Свого Божества переміг смерть у людській природі. І тому смерть вже не царює над родом людським. Апостол Павло виголошує: «Смерте! Де твоє жало? Пекло! Де твоя перемога? Жало смерті – гріх» (1 Кор. 15: 55 – 56). Той самий апостол, пояснюючи, хто переміг смерть, каже: «Дяка Богові, Який дав нам перемогу через Господа нашого Ісуса Христа» (1 Кор. 15: 57).

Отже, смерть переміг Ісус Христос як Бог, Який з’єднався з людською природою, через неї зазнав смерті й силою Божества переміг смерть, воскреснувши з мертвих. Чи справді Ісус Христос воскрес? Де докази Його воскресіння? Доказом воскресіння є жінки-мироносиці і святі апостоли. Вони бачили Ісуса Христа воскреслим. Спочатку вони не вірили, що бачать воскреслого їхнього Учителя в тілі, думаючи, що перед ними стоїть дух, а не Христос у воскреслому тілі. Потім вони переконались, що бачать справді воскреслого Христа. Воскреслий Христос з’являвся апостолам не один раз. І не тільки апостоли бачили воскреслим Ісуса Христа, але й понад п’ятсот братів, тобто послідовників Христа. Воскреслого Христа бачив і Його гонитель – Савл, який потім увірував у Нього і став великим апостолом Павлом. Свідком воскресіння Христового була римська сторожа, яка бачила велике світло і порожній гріб. Не випадково вороги Христа – первосвященики і книжники – підкупили сторожу і просили її не говорити правду, і свідчити, ніби тіло Ісуса вкрали апостоли, коли вони, воїни, спали. Чи можливо, щоб римський воїн спав на сторожі? Ні! І самі первосвященики і книжники просили, а не примушували апостолів не проповідувати про воскресіння Христове.

Христос воістину воскрес! Тому і ми на вітання «Христос воскрес!» відповідаємо «Воістину воскрес!». Правду ми свідчимо чи неправду? Віра у воскресіння Христове перемогла весь світ, який був затьмарений ідолопоклонством. Мали язичники доказ воскресіння Христового, приймаючи християнство? Звичайно, мали! Який? Проповідь апостолів. Так, проповідь! Але вона супроводжувалась чудесами, які звершувались силою Того ж воскреслого Христа і благодаттю Святого Духа. Недаремно Господь Ісус Христос, возносячись на небо, сказав: «Я з вами до кінця віку» (Мф. 28: 20). Християни мають беззаперечний доказ воскресіння Христового. Однак блаженні ті, які не бачили воскреслого Христа і не бачили чудес, проте увірували, бо так сказав Сам Господь: «Блаженні ті, що не бачили, але увірували» (Ін. 20: 29).

Воскресіння Христове стало запорукою вічного життя всього людства. У дні печалі і скорботи після смерті наших близьких воскресіння Христове вселяє в наші серця велику надію. Воно дає нам мужність і силу перемагати смуток і тугу. Воскресіння Христове з’єднує живих і померлих в єдину родину. Воскресіння Христове дарувало нам повну радість.

Воскресіння Христове спонукає нас боротися з гріхом. Воно кличе нас до моральної чистоти і до святості. Тисячі тисяч святих Божих людей надихалися воскресінням Христовим на різноманітні подвиги, які прославили їхні імена вічною славою. Воскресіння Христове вчить нас бачити в людині брата, образ і подобу Божу. Воскресіння Христове виправдовує нашу боротьбу з неправдою. Воно надихає нас любити свою Батьківщину, свій народ і свою державу.


Воскресіння Христове відкрило новий сенс життя людини. Воно зробило земне життя осмисленим і цілеспрямованим. Попереду не смерть, не загибель, не знищення, а сприйняття іншого буття – «іншого, вічного, життя початок».

Смерть втратила для християнина свій жах і страх. Ось чому в ці святі дні Церква закликає нас до радості: «Світися, світися, новий Єрусалиме, радій нині і веселися, Сіоне…»; «Радістю обіймемо один одного…»; «Через Хрест прийшла радість усьому світові…»; «Смерті святкуємо умертвіння…».

Своїм воскресінням Христос дає нам силу для боротьби з гріхом. Він воскрешає наші душі і надихає нас на самовіддане служіння своєму народу, своїй державі в ім’я любові до Бога і людини. Воскресіння Христове дає нам надію, що Христос Спаситель, Який подолав смерть, має владу і над нашими бідами, скорботами і труднощами. Він попускає кризи в людському суспільстві, війни між народами; Він і припиняє їх, але для цього треба навернутися до Бога всім серцем, усім своїм життям. Він хоче, щоб усі люди увірували в Нього, змінили свій неправедний спосіб життя і ввійшли у вічне життя для блаженства.


У ці радісні пасхальні дні сердечно вітаю вас, преосвященні архіпастирі, боголюбиві пастирі, чесні ченці і черниці, улюблені браття і сестри, зі святом Воскресіння Христового. Вітаю з Пасхою Христовою Президента України Петра Порошенка, Верховну Раду, Український уряд, наших славних захисників – Збройні сили України, які не шкодують свого життя з любові до своєї Батьківщини. Вітаю з найбільшим християнським святом весь український народ і всіх українців, які перебувають за межами України на всіх континентах, але люблять Україну і допомагають їй.

Нехай милосердний Господь, Який Своїм воскресінням переміг гріх і смерть, дарує всім нам духовне оновлення, перемогу над зовнішніми і внутрішніми ворогами, видимими і невидимими, і нехай приведе всіх нас до миру і єдності, а в кінці життя – до вічного блаженства, заради чого Він помер і воскрес.


Воістину Христос воскрес!



Патріарх Київський

і всієї Руси-України


Пасха Христова,

2018 рік,

м. Київ










St Savvas of Kalymnos Feast Day- Patriarchal Greek Exarchate - Sydney Australia

On Sunday the 25th of March 2018 (5th Sunday of Great Lent) the Orthodox church of St Savvas of Kalymnos (Greek Exarchate of the Kyivan Patriarchate) in Banksia, Sydney, celebrated its Feast Day (Uncovering of the relics of St Savvas of Kalymnos. What a beautiful and successful Feast Day it was. With the visiting Ukrainian clergy of our Patriarchate the Divine Liturgy was conducted in Greek, Ukrainian & English. With a packed-full church and hall, all witnessed an emotional & Beautiful Service where once again the Miraculous Saint Savvas showed his love and blessings! During the Procession of the Saints Holy Icon our beloved Saint Savvas in front of all present performed a major miracle. Little Athena who was left paralysed and in a wheelchair in the past year, with doctors not knowing if she will ever walk again- miraculously stood and took a few Steps in front of all! A true Miracle! Glory to God, Thank you St Savvas for your abundance of blessings! It was an emotional day, full of joy and tears. Highlights of the Feast & Video of the miracle below.













































Patriarchal Christmas message December 2017


Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia-Ukraine Filaret

Reverend archpastors, God-loving shepherds, honest monasticism and all the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate





Dear brothers and sisters!

Christ was born!

Glory be to Him!


Every year we rejoice to celebrate Christmas. Many Christians celebrate this event as a national holiday, without thinking about its meaning. The Nativity of Christ directly concerns not only the essence of the Christian faith, but the existence of all mankind, the meaning of our lives. What is the meaning of our life? Is it just that in order to live 70 - 80 years, and then turn into nothingness, as atheists teach? No!

God created man in an immortal soul, so eternal existence of the soul does not depend on our faith. Man may not believe in his immortality, but her immortality does not depend on her, but on the Creator, that is, from God.


Man could be immortal not only in the soul but also in the flesh if he believed God and obeyed His commandment. But, to my great regret, the first people - Adam and Eve - did not believe God and violated His commandment. Therefore, they died spiritually, as well as in the body. In human nature, evil came in. Therefore, all people who come from Adam and Eve are infected with sin and death. Man with his own strength is not able to be free from sin or from death, therefore the Creator himself had to renew the human nature.

How did God bless the renewal of human nature, that is, to free from sin and death, or in other words, to save man? With the great and infinite love that we can not even imagine, God blessed to be united with human nature in the Face of the Second Epiphany. The Son of God becomes a man without ceasing to be God. We believe in this faith in the Creed: "I believe in the Son of God that ... for us humans, and for our salvation came down from heaven, and embodied himself from the Holy Spirit and Mary the Virgin, and became man."

How does the Son of God become a man, without ceasing to be God, can not comprehend the human mind, therefore the apostle Paul describes the embodiment of the Son of God as a great mystery of piety. There is a lot of mysterious and incomprehensible in the world, but we accept one belief and accept the other as a reality or a law that we do not understand.


This event, that is the embodiment of the Son of God, or His birth, that is, the Nativity of Christ, is celebrated today. Why was the Son of God born? In order to overcome in human nature sin and death. If the Son of God was not born of the Holy Spirit and Mary the Virgin, the liberation of human nature would not have happened and salvation was not completed. The Son of God is united with the decaying nature, that is, with nature, which needs food, is tired and dying. He took the human nature to make it the best.

The Son of God is born not in the royal palaces, although He is the King of the Universe, but is kept in the manger of animals, has no place to lay his head. Why? To overcome pride, which is the beginning of all sin.

At the feast of the Nativity of Christ, we arrange a verteb, often without understanding and not realizing its meaning. We sing in carols: "Oh, rejoice, earth, the Son of God was born!" What does this mean? This means that the salvation of the human race has come, because the Savior was born, who will free people from sin and death.


The joy of the Nativity of Christ comes from the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Ghost was born in the Bethlehem Cave and delivered us from sin and death. Is it really so? Yes, it's true. And the proof of this truth is first of all the resurrection of Christ. It shows that death is defeated. And before the resurrection of the prophets of Christ, Christ Himself raised the dead, but they again died again. Christ is risen and no longer dies, because the human nature of the Son of God has become immortal. The proof of the victory of Christ the Savior is also the saints who have been cleansed of sin by the grace of the Holy Spirit and their exploits. All of us also have the opportunity to attain righteousness, if we have a living and firm faith and unfeigned love. Our defenders of Ukraine from the aggressor who give up their lives also reveal the love that Christ Christ the Savior said: "There is no more from the love that anyone who puts his soul for his friends" (John 15: 13). Therefore, we all have to love each other, have a firm faith in our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth we are celebrating now.


On this joyous holiday I congratulate you, dear brothers and sisters, with Merry Christmas and New Year. I congratulate the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the holiday, the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian government, our Armed Forces, the faithful and courageous advocates of our Motherland, who do not spare even their own lives. I congratulate all our Ukrainian compatriots scattered around the world: in America and Canada, in Europe and in Australia, who love and help her homeland.


On these joyous holidays, thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His unlimited love for us, the sinners, to give us victory over the visible and invisible enemies, peace, the unity of the Ukrainian people and prosperity. We will be guided in our lives by truth and love, which can lead us to eternal blissful life. Let the light of the Bethlehem star beam illuminate our souls and hearts with the light of peace, love and truth.

Christ was born! Glory be to Him!



Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia-Ukraine









A Historical Trip, with the Patriarchal Vicar visiting Australia for the first time. The Highlight and main purpose of the Trip was to officiate at the Consecration Service of St Savvas of Kalymnos Orthodox Church in Banksia, Sydney, which is Part of the Greek Exarchate of the Kyiv Patriarchate. His Eminence was able to also visit the other Ukrainian Churches under the Kyiv Patriarchate in Sydney & Newcastle, met Politicians, Ambassadors and other dignitaries.


Slideshow BELOW of the Patriarchal Delegation Trip to Australia (6th -16th November 2017) Kyiv Patriarchate, Led By His Eminence Epiphanios - Patriarchal Vicar.




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